Academy for Humanities & Human Sciences at The American School of Kuwait

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Program Summary

Available for current 9-11th grade students

7-day intensive courses in college preparatory academic discourse in English at The American School of Kuwait

Helps students develop their capacity as critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and intellectually sophisticated readers and writers

Instruction from professionally distinguished teachers and graduate-level instructors from Columbia University and other top-tier American universities

Learning environment replicates the academic culture of elite American college classrooms

Students who complete each course satisfactorily receive a certificate of course completion

Program Details

Foundations Course
The newly developed Foundations level course course welcomes students to join an interactive learning experience that will center in-depth inquiries, spatial explorations, and reimagined environments. Drawing from principles of qualitative research and design thinking, students will build critical faculties as they engage with challenging readings about natural and built worlds, lead active discussions about spatial (in)justice, build observational skills through site visits, transform existing spaces through modeling, and iterate designs that illustrate the power of sustainable innovations. By participating in various research practices, students will develop disciplinary literacies across the arts and sciences, ultimately bringing their ideas to life for a diverse panel in a multimodal presentation. This intensive academic experience will help prepare them for rigorous university studies and aligns closely with the types of work students do at the university level.
Day 1 – Building an Inquiry Community
Day 2 – Observing Built and Natural Environments
Day 3 – Creating a Design Brief
Day 4 – Redesigning Spatial Planes
Day 5 – Iterating Spatial Models
Day 6 – Presenting to a Live Panel
Day 7 – Preparing for the Academic Conference/Revising and Editing for Publication
Required Materials for Class
  1. Notebook
  2. Writing tools
  3. Laptop or tablet
Students who complete this course satisfactorily receive a certificate of course completion
Intermediate Course
Advanced Course
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