Academy for Humanities & Engineering at Shanghai Jianping High School

August 2019

Program Summary

6-day intensive course in humanities and engineering at Shanghai Jianping High School

Available for rising 10-12th grade students

Learning environment replicates the academic culture of elite American college classrooms

Program Length: Each day has 8 periods (each 45 minutes). Total 48 periods.

Helps students develop their capacity as critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and intellectually sophisticated readers and writers

Instruction from professionally distinguished teachers and graduate-level instructors from Columbia University and other top-tier American universities

Students who complete each course satisfactorily receive a certificate of course completion

Progam Details

Representing the Self
This course explores how we create our identities and represent ourselves in the social world. Course participants will critically and imaginatively investigate the choices we make as we capture our self-image, revise and reframe it, and make it public in social media, personal websites, and personal essays. Students will identify and solve problems through real-world applications of front-end programming (i.e., HTML, CSS, and Javascript), web application development and graphic design as they create interactive websites that represent their interests, questions, and discoveries. Writing (and capturing photos and videos) for a range of audiences and purposes students will cultivate a personal voice. Throughout the course, students will analyze texts in a variety of media — verbal, visual, and digital— learning to become more attuned to their own noticing’s and to use their personal responses to make a contribution to a community of learners. A culminating project for the course will be the development, design, and coding of an interactive website to be shared in our symposium with an audience of other students, parents, and faculty.
Day 1 – Humanities: Becoming Members of a Knowledge-Building Community; Computer Science: Structure, Syntax and Functionality of HTML & CSS
Day 2 – Humanities: Exploring Self-Expression and Self-Image; Computer Science: CSS Object Styling and the Box Model
Day 3 – Humanities: Expanding Texts and Contexts: Image & Representation; Computer Science: JavaScript and Ways to Interact With Our User
Day 4 – Humanities: Reading and Writing Across Genres and Disciplines: Creating Texts in Contexts; Computer Science: Putting HTML, CSS and JavaScript Together
Day 5 – Humanities: Engaging an Audience: Design, Revision and Publication; Computer Science: Creating Our Final Product
Day 6 – Preparing for the Academic Conference
Required Materials for Class
  1. Notebook
  2. Writing tools
  3. Laptop or tablet
Students who complete this course satisfactorily receive a certificate of course completion
Daily Schedule