While every subtlety of proper behavior cannot be detailed, the following rules are to be adhered to strictly. Failure to abide by them will result in dismissal from the Summer Academy, normally on the first offence. These rules apply to all students in the Summer Academy.
No portion of tuition or fees will be refunded to a student who has been dismissed. Dismissed students do not receive evaluation letters or Statements of Completion. Upon dismissal, students are required to make arrangements for immediate departure. Students who have been dismissed are not permitted to return to campus for the duration of the
  • The University and the Academy expects that students will act in a sensitive, considerate, and responsible manner at all times and respect the rights of others. Columbia University and the Academy deems unacceptable any verbal or physical conduct that demeans others because of their race, gender, ethnic background, religion, or sexual orientation. Students are responsible for all and any public conduct, including that in digital forums such as text messages, social media posts, emails, and discussion boards.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated. Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, submitting work done by another person; paraphrasing another person’s work without the appropriate attribution; failing to document ideas found in sources, whether print or electronic, with appropriate notes and bibliographic references; failing to enclose borrowed phrases or sentences within quotation marks; and turning in the same assignment for two courses without advance permission from both instructors.
  • The possession or use of drugs or alcohol, on campus or off, is forbidden. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited on the campuses of Columbia University and our various host institutions.
  • Possession of weapons or incendiary devices of any kind is prohibited.
  • Students must attend class unless they are ill. Parents/legal guardians of students will be notified of absences. A student who misses multiple class sessions may not receive a Statement of Completion even if those absences are excused.
  • Students are expected to engage seriously in their courses through both class participation and completion of assigned work. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Commuter students are not permitted to enter the dormitories.
  • Commuter students are not permitted to participate in the residential program activities that take place in the evening and on weekends unless otherwise invited by the program’s director.
  • Residential students may not have visitors in the residence halls; this includes parents/legal guardians, family members, classmates, and students from other on-campus summer programs. Parents/legal guardians and family members may help students move in and out of their dorm rooms on the first and last days of the program.
  • Residential Program students may only enter the dormitory residential areas of the floor or suite to which they are assigned. Students may entertain other Residential Program students in the ground floor lounge of their dormitory. Residential students must observe curfew. Students must be in their assigned suites or assigned floors by 10:30 p.m. and remain there throughout the night. Curfew may be extended on Friday and Saturday. Curfew ends at 6am.
  • Students may break curfew only if participating in an event chaperoned by a resident advisor and must return to their suite with the group immediately once the event ends.
  • Residential students must obtain approval from residential staff when leaving the immediate campus area and renew contact with the residential staff as instructed. Students are expected to specifically identify their destination and expected time of return.
  • Residential students are not permitted to leave campus overnight, either during the week or on weekends.
  • Sitting on window ledges or roofs and dropping or throwing objects out of windows are forbidden.
  • In dormitories, bedroom doors must be locked when a student is not within sight of their room.
  • Students must maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness in dorm rooms and public spaces and leave dorm rooms and other spaces clean at the end of the program.
  • The misuse, destruction or disabling of university property or equipment is forbidden.
  • Students must abide by the rules and regulations of Columbia University, our various host institutions, and the Academy.

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